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Total Tree Care Rescues Stuck Kitten

Monday, April 27th, 2015

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By Mattie Mortensen for the Herald Journal

On Sunday afternoon, Jolley took her 8-month-old kitten outside because of the nice weather. Mickey became interested in a bird and chased it all the way up a tall tree. But once he reached the thin branches at the top, he didn’t know what to do.

After trying a variety of tactics, including an attempt to lure him down with food, it became apparent that Mickey would not come down.

Jolley called the Logan City Fire Department, who informed her that cats usually come down on their own. They said, however, if he didn’t by sunset, they would see what they could do.

Sunset came and no luck. Shannon called the fire department and was told that due lack of resources, the cat could not be rescued. A visit from the assistant chief also concluded the situation posed a potential safety threat to the firefighters, since a firefighter had recently been hurt while attempting to rescue a cat.

Mickey had to stay in the tree overnight and still would not come down on his own. Finally, Jolley found a solution. She contacted Total Tree Care to get her cat down.

The company services trees by having workers climb the tree and then rappel down. Jolley was slightly concerned Mickey would freak out when the stranger attempted to pick him up, but the stranded kitten leaped right into the man’s arms.

Mickey was in the tree for a total of 22 hours but is doing fine now.

Jolley spoke with Logan City Fire Chief Jeff Peterson following the ordeal Tuesday. He told her if they were to do the situation over, they would have rescued the cat.

In an interview with The Herald Journal, Peterson said that the fire department will evaluate a number of things when receiving calls about animals in trees, including safety and urgency.

The first line of action is to simply put food at the bottom of the tree and wait, he said. The animal will often come down once it perceives the danger as gone.

If that doesn’t work, people can try to contact Total Tree Care, like Jolley did. If the cat is still stuck, the fire department will try to get it down, as long as the situation is safe.

The chief said he has to protect his crew and won’t send them into unnecessarily dangerous situations. It is important to remember the cat will most likely try to attack the person rescuing it, he said.

The end goal is, however, to help the animal in the best way possible, Patterson said.

“You can’t sit there and let an animal suffer like that,” he said.

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Utah Athlete is One of the World’s Best Tree Climbers

Monday, April 27th, 2015

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LOGAN — There are times when Mark Malmstrom realizes he never really grew up. Malmstrom, who lives in River Heights near Logan, is a commercial arborist. He spends almost every day up a tree.

“We do pruning, tree pruning, removals, stump grinding, you name it,” said Malmstrom.

He has owned Total Tree Care for 15 years, but doesn’t remember a winter as mild as this winter has been.

“We normally plan on some bad days and snow days, and there’s been very, very few,” said Malmstrom.

Of course the nicer weather means more time to do work.

For Malmstrom, though, there is another benefit to the warmer temperatures — it gives him more time to practice.

“You just hope you can go in and perform well,” said Malmstrom with a smile.

Currently, Malmstrom is preparing for the International Tree Climbing Championships.

Yes, there is such a thing.

There are competitive tree climbers from 17 countries such as Germany, New Zealand and Sweden, and now, Utah has a tree climber, too.

Whether you’re competing against someone or just competing against yourself, if you can come away and have a great climb, it’s a wonderful feeling.

–Mark Malmstrom, professional tree climber

“It’s really intimidating to get started because there are guys that are very, very good,” said Malmstrom.

He’s pretty good, too.

Malmstrom won Utah’s tree climbing championships (yes, there is such a thing) four times in the past 14 years.

He has also competed in the world championship event before, which means now he knows what to expect.

“Time is a big factor, as well as proficiency, safety and innovation,” said Malmstrom.

He said he’s not scared of heights because he trusts his equipment.

“No, I don’t mind climbing. The falling part makes me nervous,” said Malmstrom with a laugh. “I have never fallen out of a tree, but I did fall off a ladder once. I think ladders are more dangerous than climbing with a rope.”

Malmstrom also loves talking to people about what he does, and he certainly draws a crowd when he starts climbing trees.

At the Logan Tabernacle where he was practicing, several people started watching him, pointing, and taking pictures.

Enlarge image
Mark Malmstrom practicing tree climbing in Logan. (Photo: Mike DeBernardo, KSL)

“Tree climbing champion? Never heard of that,” said Allen Taylor of Logan. “But I’m glad to see it. He looks like a champion to me.”

Malmstrom would love to be the world champion, but more important to him, he wants to do well.

“Whether you’re competing against someone or just competing against yourself, if you can come away and have a great climb, it’s a wonderful feeling,” said Malmstrom.

The International Tree Climbing Championships will be held March 21-22 in Tampa, Florida.

There are five different events involved, such as; aerial rescue, work climb, secured footlock, belayed speed climb and throwline.

There is also a Masters Challenge that looks at the overall skill of tree climbers.

“It is serious, but it’s also a lot of fun. You get get to meet a lot of people, compare new techniques, and if you do well, you get free gear,” said Malmstrom with a laugh.

Contributing: Mike DeBernardo

The 2012 Utah Tree Climbing Championship was fantastic!

Friday, June 1st, 2012

We had an amazing group of competitors this year. CONGRATULATIONS TO:


Master Challenge Climb Winners

1st – Mark Malmstrom, Total Tree Care
2nd – Nick Bleckert, Trees Inc.
3rd – Johnny Dallinga, Trees Inc.
4th – Chad Morgan, Trees Inc.

Five Individual Event Winners

Aerial Rescue – Mark Malmstrom, Total Tree Care
Belayed Speed Climb – Desmond Grogran, Trees Inc.
Footlock – Johnny Dallinga, Trees Inc.
Throw Ball – Chad Morgan, Trees Inc.
Work Climb – Nick Bleckert, Trees Inc.

To review the final scores, please go to our website at and look in the Latest News section.

There was an article in the Standard Examiner about the tree climb and it is available at

A very sincere thank you to all the climbers, judges, volunteers and sponsors – your hard work and dedication provided an outstanding tree climbing event!

The Urban Wood Initiative

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

What is Urban Wood?

Urban wood is derived from trees that have grown in an urban setting such as an incorporated town or city. The large number of tree removals in cities and towns across the country becomes necessary for a host of reasons: Storm blow-downs, natural mortality, severe insect and disease damage, construction activities, and many other circumstances can change an urban tree from an asset into a liability. Tree removal is a growing dilemma for most municipalities across the U.S. The number of urban trees needing to be disposed of is staggering and is a very costly process for city managers and solid waste disposal operations. There are hundreds of species of trees growing in the various municipalities of the US. These trees often grow to great size and can produce lumber of very high quality and wonderful character. Unfortunately they are very hard to process into lumber. They are of irregular shape and size and the lumber tends to warp and twist as it dries. This is why little effort is made to utilize Urban woods.

Click on the link to download the entire PDF document of Urban Initiative Newsletter.

Utah Tree Climbing Competition

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Here is a video from a while back about a tree climbing competition Mark Malmstrom, owner of Total Tree Care, competed in. The skills Mark and his crew use every day are applicable to these competitions. Watch for a short interview clip with Mark at about the 2:25 point.